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Dr. Moussa Issa

MBBS, MRCEM, FRCEM, MSc, PhD Candidate (Lancaster University/UK)

​Consultant Emergency Medicine

Author, Editor-In-Chief & Company Director


MBBS (Unikin, 2006)

MRCEM (The United Kingdom, 2017)

FRCEM (The United Kingdom, 2019)

MSc Public Health (University of Limerick, 2021)

PhD Candidate (Lancaster University/UK)

Author of Moussa Issa Books

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My Story

Moussa Issa, the notable figure responsible for a highly acclaimed literary work, has emerged as an emblematic symbol of triumph in the FRCEM examinations. Dr. Issa's personal odyssey commenced in a remote region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, embodying the quintessential narrative of a provincial youth ascending to great heights through unwavering tenacity and unyielding diligence.

Having grown up with French as his mother tongue, Dr. Issa successfully completed his medical studies at the esteemed University of Kinshasa in 2006. Subsequently, he embarked on a rigorous 24-month medical internship at Mafikeng Provincial Hospital in South Africa. Thereafter, he assumed positions as a Senior House Officer in Urology and later as a Registrar of General Surgery in Cape Town. His extensive background in surgical procedures became the foundation for his encounters with numerous trauma cases as an emergency medicine physician, thereby endowing him with a distinct advantage in adeptly managing intricate traumatic incidents.

Driven by an unrelenting thirst for knowledge spanning the entire spectrum of medical science and committed to personal growth, Dr. Issa discovered that transitioning to emergency medicine presented the optimal path for him to harness his vast reservoir of aptitude and expertise. This realisation compelled him to succeed in the FRCEM examinations. Despite the limited resources at his disposal and the presence of only one book on the market at that time, Dr. Issa shouldered the monumental responsibility of compiling his notes in accordance with the demanding and exhaustive syllabus. Consequently, the illustrious series of FRCEM examination books (including FRCEM Primary All-In-One Notes, FRCEM Intermediate Short Answer Question, FRCEM Final Critical Appraisal, and FRCEM Final Clinical Short Answer Question) came into existence. Presently, these books are utilised by emergency department physicians worldwide to prepare for the aforementioned examinations. In 2017, Dr. Issa demonstrated his remarkable prowess by completing the four components of the FRCEM final exams within a mere six months, ultimately earning the esteemed Fellowship of the Royal Emergency Medicine University (FRCEM) in 2019. Additionally, Dr. Moussa Issa holds a Master's degree in Public Health conferred by the University of Limerick in Ireland.

Dr. Issa's fervent passion for biomedical research and medical education knows no bounds, with a particular emphasis on implementing prehospital care in low-income nations. This zealous dedication has earned him a doctoral position in Public Health and Healthcare Systems at Lancaster University, which he embarked upon in September 2021.

Academic publications

Issa, M., & Abadin, Z. U. (2021). A Nearly Missed Pancoast Tumour From Isolated Persistent Leg Pain. Cureus, 13(5), e15328.

Issa, M., Dunne, S. & Dunne, C. Hand hygiene practices for prevention of healthcare-associated infections associated with admitted infectious patients in the emergency department: a systematic review. Ir J Med Sci (2022).

Blog posts

Moussa Issa (2021). La réanimation cardio-respiratoire & ACLS 2020: “Quoi de neuf”? Available at:

Moussa Issa (2020). Is Hydroxychloroquine a proven treatment for COVID-19? Available at:

Moussa Issa (2020). Coronavirus: COVID-19 Is Now Officially A Pandemic, WHO Says. Available at:

Moussa Issa (2020). COVID-19: What Should you know? Available at:

Medical Books

  1. October 2015: MRCEM Part A "All-In-One Notes"

  2. January 2016: MRCEM Primary "All-In-One Notes"

  3. September 2017: MRCEM Intermediate SAQ

  4. August 2018: Critical Appraisal Made Easy

  5. February 2019: FRCEM Primary

  6. March 2019: FRCEM Intermediate SAQ

  7. March 2019: FRCEM Final Clinical SAQ

  8. January 2022: Procedural & Ultrasound Skills in the Emergency Department


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